Our most frequently asked questions

Can we drop in to the workshop?

You would need to make an appointment as we are often out and about in London doing baby hand and footprints for NCT group bookings, events or parties.

Can you do prints with older children or Adults?

Absolutely, we have larger ceramic pieces like fruit bowls which we could get the whole family’s hand prints on. With older children and adults we would normally do hand prints though…..well…..I don’t need to explain why.

Is my baby old enough to have their hand or footprints done?

We have done prints with babies as young as one day old. With very young babies we can do both hand and footprints in clay even if your baby likes to keep their hands clenched. The clay prints are an impression into a semi porcelain. We have plenty of experience getting the perfect print!

With ceramic prints where we paint a glaze on to the hand or foot we can only do foot prints at a really young babies as the hand prints can be rather difficult with babies who like to clench their fists as the process involves painting the hand and then placing it onto the ceramic. ie. mugs, platters etc.

I have 3 children, can I get their prints on the same piece?

Yes we have a number or bespoke options for sibling hand and footprints.

For clay prints all our frames are custom made and we can take a handprint of each child and frame them together from oldest to youngest or any order you prefer.

For paint / glaze hand and footprints we do have larger pieces like fruit bowls or platters that we can use for siblings.

How long will it take before my baby’s hand and footprints are ready for collection?

For clay prints they normally take approximately 4 weeks. We will call you when they are ready for collection. You can arrange a time with us to collect from the workshop or we can post your pieces out to you for a small postage fee.

For paint / glaze hand and footprints these normally take around 2 weeks.

Sometimes pieces need a second firing this is the reason we give an approximate time rather than a definite date.

We will always contact you as soon as your pieces are ready.


Is the paint/glazes safe to use on my baby or child?

Yes, all of our glazes are food safe, non toxic and lead free and are safe to use on babies and children.


How will I get my pieces once you have called me to let me know they are ready?

You can collect from our workshop @ The Chocolate Factory by appointment or we can post your pieces to you for a small postage fee.


Can I have my clay print unframed?

Unfortunately not. We used to do unframed clay prints but we found that this left them vulnerable to damage and also renders them hard to display. We want them protected and easy to display for the whole world to see.

Can I have a personalised message on my pieces. 

Yes, we hand paint all personalised messages on to the pieces we make. We always put a name and age alongside the print and a short message like “I love Grandma” or “Happy Father’s Day” somewhere suitable if you would like. It is up to you.

Are my plates or mugs dishwasher safe?

Yes they are but we prefer to hand wash them, do be careful not to chip them as they can become damaged, just as any normal crockery.

What colour frames do you have?

For tiles we only have white frames so that it doesn’t deter from the prints. These are free standing or can be hung on a wall.

For clay prints we have either a black or white box frames. These are custom made to fit the size of the prints.